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Networking Made Easy.

Networking success without the hassle of passing out traditional business cards.

Connect with anyone in seconds.

My Digital Business Card is the smart and efficient way to promote your brand and grow your network. Paper business cards are obsolete in today’s tech-driven world. In a highly competitive market, you cannot afford to lose contacts’ and customers’ information – or have them lose yours.

My Digital Business Card allows you to streamline and organize ALL your contacts. You can create unlimited categories and add specific notes to each contact.

Getting started is fast and easy. Install the app, create your profile, and instantly share your information, social handles, and websites with a quick scan of your personal QR code.

Stop digging through your desk to find old business cards. With My Digital Business Card, you have the information immediately with an easy search in the app.

My Digital Business Card Users

Make the switch.

My Digital Business Card will add simplicity and efficiency to each day. Update the way you network and go digital.

  • Share contact information easily with profiles that have traditional contact card info, a profile picture, social handles, and websites.
  • Collect contacts into your personal My Digidex (Digital Rolodex).
  • Choose what you share with on/off switches for every contact.
  • Create categories for every job, business, or skill, i.e., Financial Advisor or Painter, and assign a category to each contact.
  • Add personalized notes to each contact.
  • Open a contact in your personal My Digidex and call, email, or open social links and websites with one click.
  • Share others’ contact info. For example, your friend needs a plumber. You can share your plumber’s information with them with one quick scan.

Become a networking pro with

My Digital Business Card.

Ready to try it out? Download the app. Click our instant download buttons below or find us in your app store.